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Post by: Matt Shiles – Realtor 

 Disclaimer: Read entire article before passing judgement 

     I have started to realize a growing trend.  Titles in real estate articles are becoming more misleading.  For example, many real estate articles in the Orlando Sentinel are seen to be anti-realtor or one sided when it comes to discussing real estate.  If readers only see the title and the first paragraph, that is correct.  But, this is not the case in terms of the entire articles.  Each real estate article I have read in the past few weeks has had both sides of the argument; the problem is that most readers never see it.

     An example of this comes from the Sunday Homes section of the Orlando Sentinel.  The title of the article is “Real Estate woes have many thinking ‘for sale by owner.’”  Only the first few paragraphs are on the front page.  After that, the reader must flip to the middle to continue the article.  For most, this is where the reading stops and the problem starts.  This article discusses the advantages of selling your home without a realtor for about 2/3 of the article.  Finally in the last few paragraphs the other side is discussed.  The author explains that a lot of time, energy and money are required to complete the process yourself.  The author gives a great argument against FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) but I feel like it was too late.  Instead of presenting the article as a discussion on FSBO’s, the title implies that since many people are thinking ‘for sale by owner’, it must be a great idea. 

     I feel that people should be educated about the real estate market.  The way to do this is to immerse themselves with the current news.  These misleading titles are making readers think the market is much worse than it is.  Readers need to see past the headings and past the first few paragraphs and try to understand the entire article.  If not these doom-and-gloom titles will continue to hurt our market. 

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